Baby Elephant

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Description: Oh, this cutie could melt even a huge rock of ice with his adorable looks! Now, now, step our of your state of pure amazement, staring at this baby elephant, and start dressing him up for a sunny day in the jungle! How about a lovely t-shirt with a cute pattern on, paired with a pair of brighly colored, tiny pants and some cool sneakers? Since he'll be meeting his closest friend, the baby tiger and his dear buddy, the baby monkey, make sure he will impress his best friends with a really stylish, cool look! Playing the baby elephant dress up game, you'll discover that this cutie has a really impressive wardrobe with plenty of baby-doll tops and patterned t-shirts and stylish pants to combine them with, even cute-chic accessories like chic-sporty caps and fancy shoes for his tiny feet to make him stand apart from the oher baby wild animals on the jungle playground.

Instructions: Follow instruction inside the game.