Cuddles The Kitten

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Description: This kitty could melt anyone's heart in an instant! Not only that he is super cute and funny, but Cuddles here is a really gifted kitten, too: he has a gift for combining pretty little clothes and colorful accessories into some really cute-chic looks! Let's watch him in action! When you play the Cuddles the kitten animal game, you get to dress up lovely Cuddles here with pretty, baby doll flouncy dresses and cute tiny overalls, then play with his multicolored tiny accessories, too, and add a chic, striped winter scarf to his look, lest he should catch a chill, or a funny looking hat or a lovely pendant necklace! Now can you guess which is Cuddles favorite fun activity? Does he like to play with the mice or maybe with his tiny feathered friend or maybe he prefers football? Choose the accessory that you think would suit him better when you play the Cuddles the kitten animal game!

Instructions: Follow instruction inside the game.