Magical Unicorn Coloring

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Description: Isn't he gorgeous, you could just feel the magic surrounding him! He is this lovely princess's best friend, but unfortunately they're both sharing the same sorrow since wiocked witch has put an awful spell on them and the dreamland they live in is colorless. Can you imagine something more frightening than that? Now, when you play the magical unicorn coloring game, you get to be a sort of a godmother and bring these two magical characters and all surrounding them to life again. You have you color palette on the right-bottom side of the page, pick the ones you like the most and let your creativity run free! You have no limits when you play this fun online coloring game! If it's a pink unicorn you've always dreamed of and an emerald green sky or strawberry trees, so be it! Use your mouse to take some of the colors you love and than splash them on the image!

Instructions: Follow instruction inside the game.